Barbershop Pitchpipe

Barbershop Pitchpipe provides a convienent way to get to the starting pitches of your favorite songs. The app provides a pitchpipe that can be used directly. It also allows you to provide lists of songs that you enjoy singing. You can even to share those lists with other users of the application.

The app comes with the starting pitches of the Barber Pole Cats. These 12 songs are the staple of every barbershop singer. Use the Add new song feature to add your own songs. Choose a playlist name so that you can organize the songs for easy access using the Select playlist feature. Also send then the playlist to a friend using the Share playlist feature.

Playlists to try (save to a file on your local machine and email it to yourself):


I wanted to let you know I just bought your pitchpipe app and I love the layout and ease of use. I've been looking for an app like this for awhile (and even considered hiring someone to develop one for my quartet). - T.J. Carollo, 'Round Midnight

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